I'm Julia-
The Podcast Teacher

Hi there!

I teach introverted entrepreneurs how to start a podcast, expand their reach, and grow their business.

And you know there are people out there who can use your services! 

Make a difference in the world

Help others step into their true potential

Create financial freedom for your family

You started your business to:

Tell me if this sounds familiar...

You need a podcast.

Overwhelmed and overworked

Feeling like you have more to offer the world

Needing to reach more people, but not sure how to find them

Losing the passion that started you on this path

But instead, you keep finding you are:

I have personally been where you are! I’ve struggled with working too much and not enjoying a healthy work/life balance.

Trust me when I say, having a podcast is the best way to expand your reach, grow your audience and build trust with your target market.

Collectively my clients have an average podcast rating of 5.0 stars!

Hi, I’m Julia- your podcast teacher!

Meet some of my current & past clients!

Tammy Lantz

Julia is seriously the BEST podcast manager!!! She is not only extremely passionate about what she does, she is incredibly meticulous… in the best way possible and helps keep me on track for my vision!

I would not be where I am with my podcast without her!!!!! 

Julia is seriously the BEST podcast manager!!!

I’ll take care of the setup, the editing, and… well everything! 

Step 4 - I'll do the rest!

Plug in your mic and start recording your episodes.

Step 3 - Record

Fill out a questionnaire to help me understand the nature of your podcast.

Step 2 - Onboarding

Let’s get to know each other to see if we would be a good fit. 

Step 1 -Discovery Call

Working with me is easy!

You barely have time to keep up with your to-do lists as it is… how in the world can you launch a podcast on top of it all?

"who has the bandwidth to learn and launch a podcast?" 

I know what you might be thinking...

Done for you services to help you keep your podcast up and running smoothly without all the stress. 

Podcast Management

Get 1 on 1 coaching from The Podcast Teacher to strategize, plan, and launch your podcast in just 4 weeks! 

Launch Your Podcast

Serena Low

I just came off my first podcasting strategy call with Julia and went from nervous, overthinking, and ‘Can I really do this? What am I in for?’ to ticking off a substantial number of tasks on the list and remembering why I sad yes in the first place.

If you are new to the world of podcasting and nervous about how, what, and who, big pictures vs. details, Julia’s your gal.

If you are new to the world of podcasting... Julia's your gal!

Let's get your message out to the world!

Podcasting 101

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