Former elementary school teacher turned podcast guru!

Hi there, I'm Julia!

Meet your soon to be podcast BFF!

Together, we will work to ensure your message makes a BIG impact!

I love watching burned-out coaches realize they can hand all the production and tech details off to me so they can focus on the good they are putting out into the world.

I am passionate about managing every little behind-the-scenes detail of podcasting to ensure the best possible results for you.

I’m proud to be a lifelong student and I continue to enhance my skills through ongoing coursework to ensure that you get the best possible results.

Today I bring my love for teaching and technology to YOU, the high-end transformational coach and (soon-to-be) podcaster!

For 12 years you could find me teaching elementary students how to use and understand technology, locate resources, and fall in love with literature. While those years were incredibly fulfilling, I started getting that itch to create something of my own.

Taking the skills I learned in the classroom I set out to create something great. As a teacher, I loved creating audio and video recordings for my students and fellow staff members.

Switching to podcast production felt like a natural fit and I fell right into my role as The Podcast Teacher.

Gina Hansen

I'm so thankful to be working with Julia right now! Last year I started my first podcast and now with Julia's help, this next podcast is professional quality.

Julia is such a delight to work with! She gives me honest feedback and insights. She is really organized in her process and clear in her directions. 

I thoroughly enjoy our meetings and leave feeling pumped up and excited for what we are creating!

Julia is such a delight to work with!

I haven't kept count, but I'd venture to say I've done over 100 puzzles.

Jigsaw Puzzles


So refreshing!

Blackberry Hint Water


 Disney movies, Disney Cruise Line, Disney World- you name it!

Everything Disney


Wild About Books by Judy Sierra, A Mango Shaped Space by Wendy Mass, and  The Winner by David Baldacci are a few of my favorites.

I love a good book


Which is weird and slightly ironic because I don’t drink coffee!

Coffee Chip Ice Cream


 I love being completely disconnected from the world (no internet) - it’s the only way that I can truly relax. 

Cruise to the Bahamas


I'm obsessed! I quote episode lines on a daily basis.

Friends & Big Bang Theory

TV Shows

My husband (Jeff) and I had a Star Wars themed wedding on May 4th (May the fourth be with you!).

My Wedding Day


My Favorites

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